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The success of a surgery is dependent on two aspects - the skill of the surgeons and the quality of infrastructure, policies and equipments. At RR Hospital & Research Centre, our highly qualified surgeons and best in class infrastructure along with our firm commitment to infection control, stringent antibiotic policies and superlative CSSD equipments enable us to carry out the simplest and the most complex of surgeries with minimal discomfort to the patient. 

Besides the broad heads given below, we have renowned specialists for Cardiac Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Trauma and Ortho Surgeries, Spine Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cancer Surgery and Paediatric Surgery. Do visit the specific sections for more details. 


·     4 Operation Theatres with laminar airflow

·     One of nation's best Infection Control Systems

·     20 bedded Intensive Care Unit with state of art equipments

·     High definition 3 chip camera for MIS surgeries


·     Liver/Kidney Transplant

General Surgery ( )

General Surgery is surgical specialty that encompasses all the regions of the body - It includes intra-abdominal organs, e.g. intestines including oesophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gall bladder and bile ducts, and extra-abdominal organs like the thyroid gland and the breasts. They also deal with diseases involving the skin and abdominal wall hernias. 

Our department provides Specialist care in the following Super specialties:

·     Benign and malignant diseases of oesophagus, stomach and intestines.

·     Gall bladder diseases and surgical jaundice.

·     Liver, spleen and pancreatic surgery.

·     Modern management of anorectal diseases like piles, fissures and fistulas.

·     Benign and malignant diseases of breast, thyroid and salivary glands.

·     Peripheral vascular and vein surgery e.g. varicose veins and diabetic foot problems.

·     "Lumps and bumps" i.e. swellings of soft tissue in the body.

·     Trauma, including head injuries, thoracic and abdominal trauma.

·     Burns.

·     Skin and soft tissue infections.

·     All types of hernias.

Laparoscopic Surgery or Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or Keyhole Surgery.

People tend to believe that surgeries leave behind many scars. However, in certain cases, the surgery can be performed by making small holes to insert a camera (scope) and other surgical instruments. This surgery is called Minimally Invasive Surgery or Keyhole Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery. This type of surgery leaves behind lesser scars and the patient has a faster post operation recovery. 

At RR Hospital & Research Centre, we have state of art advanced laparoscopic equipment like High Definition 3 Chip Camera and other sophisticated instrumentation for precise surgery and successful outcome. MIS performs both basic and advanced complicated laparoscopic procedures. 

Key Hole Surgery is used for

·     Removal of gall bladder

·     Appendix

·     Colon

·     Hernias - ventral, inguinal, hiatus, incisional, diaphragmatic

·     Adrenal gland

·     Spleen

·     Stomach

·     Bariatric surgery

·     Liver

·     Pancreatic surgeries

·     Kidney disorders - Nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, kidney cyst, tumours

·     Oesophageal Surgeries - GERD, achalasia, candia&thoracoplasties

·     Gynaec Surgeries - Hysterectomy, ovarian cyst and gynaec related surgeries 

Gastro-Intestinal Surgery ( )

Gastro-Intestinal Surgery

Diseases like acute complicated pancreatitis, portal hypertension, oesophagus-stomach disorders, small intestinal diseases, intestinal fistulas, splenic disorders, colo-rectal diseases like ulcerative colitis, polyposis, anorectal problems, and liver resections are tackled by dedicated team of experts.

Endocrine Surgery

Endocrine disorders like thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal disorders and pancreatic tumours are managed by a multi-disciplinary approach.

Hernia Clinic

RR Hospital & Research Centre has surgeons with special interest in Hernia surgeries. Hernias are usually neglected and a hernia surgery is dismissed as a minor surgery. 

A skilled hernia surgeon will definitely be able to provide a better surgical outcome when assisted by the best infrastructure, stringent infection control and antibiotic policies and a superlative sterilization department.

Varicose Vein Clinic ( )

Varicose Vein Clinic

We have a Varicose Veins Clinic that offers comprehensive diagnosis, examination and treatment of all diseases of Veins of the Leg and foot.

Facilities :

·     Consultation with Varicose vein Surgeon.

·     Duplex colourdoppler of venous system.

·     Laser treatment of varicose veins (Endovenous Laser Ablation - EVLA).

·     Injection sclerotherapy of incompetent perforators.

·     Stab phlebectomy.

·     Micro-phlebectomy.

·     Surgery for varicose veins.

·     Conservative management with Graduated Compression Stockings 

Diabetic Foot Clinic ( )

Diabetic Foot Clinic

we have a two-tier foot care programme for patients of Diabetes mellitus.

1st tier :

·     Consultation with Diabetic foot Surgeon.

·     Complete neurovascular examination of foot.

·     Radiological evaluation (X-ray).

·     Glycaemic control (blood sugar)

·     Foot care as required for ulcer, vasculopathy (Peripheral vascular disease), progressive foot and ankle deformities

2nd tier :

·     Long-term preventive foot care.

·     Session with Patient educator.

·     Podiatric (foot care) nursing.

Days : Coming Soon

Facilities available :

·     Physiotherapy Clarify patient's weight bearing and weight transmission to the feet while standing and during walking.

·     Detection of flatfoot, claw foot, corns, calluses and other foot deformities.

·     Neurological testing of foot :

» Monofilament (10-gm Semmes-Weinstein).

» Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT).

» Joint reflexes and proprioception.

·     Vascular testing: Duplex colourdoppler of arterial system of both lower limbs.

·     Blood sugar test: HbA1c for long-term sugar control.

·     Radiological examination: X-ray foot - weight bearing and non-weight bearing.

·     Podiatric care: Nail clipping, callus trimming and foot care.

·     Minor podiatric procedures: Corn excision, in-growing nail removal, incision and drainage of abscess, acute paronychia, wound freshening, ulcer debridement, off-loading with Plaster of Paris cast, boot.

·     Podiatric (foot care) nurse services.

·     Patient educator and diabetes counsellor.

·     Orthotist: Manufacture and supply of customised, made-to-order footwear, toe separators, silicone soles and in-soles, ortho-wedge shoes, prosthetic (artificial) limb, pressure garments.

·     Diabetic orthotic footwear.

·     Rehabilitation of Amputees - Wheelchair, Assisting devices - walker, cane, crutches.

·     Prosthetic gait training.

·     Physiotherapy. 

Beyond the Obvious

Infection control

To ensure smoother recovery of our patients, we give the highest priority to Infection Prevention. We have a best in class Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) within the hospital that ensures that all supplies and equipments used in the hospital are sterile. We have also partnered with one of the world's leading brand in the field of infection control, Getinge for our LTSF system. 

Our Operation Theaters (OT) have a laminar airflow wherein the air cycle changes 25 times in an hour. The system filters up to 0.3 microns to ensure the air inside the OT is as pure as possible. 

We also have an entire infection control team that makes and enforces stringent policies for infection control within the hospital.

High resolution in OT

We also have state of the art advanced laparoscopic equipment like High definition 3 chip camera for better resolution during surgery. 

Dr. Prabhakar. S
M.S., D.N.B, F.R.C.S