Department and Services


Critical Care or Intensive Care Units are the most critical part of a hospital. Our Intensive Care Units are among the best units in Mumbai as well as the country and we are on our way to become the Centre of Excellence across the globe.

Our Intensivists perform all possible emergency procedures at the bedside of the patient, backed by state of the art equipments. It minimizes the time lost in shifting an ICU patient for whom every minute counts.



•     We have over 20 ICU beds with best in class monitoring devices.

•     Hi-tech versatile ventilators like Dragersavina and versamed which provide lung protective ventilation and can be

      adapted for neonates, paediatric and adults.

•     Our ventilators have MRI compatibility, which facilitates transport of critically ill patient for MRI.

•     Intensive Care is supported by 24x7 laboratory and fully equipped Radiology department (X rays / USG / Doppler /

       C.T. / MRI Scan) and cardiac catheterization / angiography suite.

•     Emergency Medicine: During an emergency condition of heart, brain or other critical organs, timely medicines go

      a long way to help to give the patient a fighting chance. We have specialists who are trained to recognise the

      symptoms and prescribe the necessary medicines immediately.

•     Trauma & Accidents: Accidents at home or on the roads means that every minute counts. We have intensivists

       who can take care of your loved ones without wasting a single second.

•     IABP (Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps) Machines-autocat two wave, Art Plus - dedicated dialysis machine for ICU patients,

      Defibrillators, Cardiac Monitors-Philips MP20/MP50, four electrical movements ICU monitoring beds from Huntleigh.

•     Honest, regular and compassionate communication by all our doctors with relatives of our patient at any given time

      when necessary.

•     One patient: One nurse ratio, round the clock.

•     Senior Registrars on the floor round the clock.

•     Senior Intensivists on the floor everyday and on call 24 hours.

•     Remote monitoring facility: Your doctor can see the ICU monitors of all his patients even when he is at home,

      by logging on to our own network.

•     Separate accommodation for patient's relatives within immediate reach of the Critical Care Unit.

•     Availability of Dietary advice, patient counselling, Medical social worker, and Rehabilitation team.

•     Emergency life-saving surgery available round the clock.



Our 20 ICU beds have best in class monitoring devices and a dedicated team of Intensivists and Nursing staff specifically trained for critical care department. We also have state of the art Intensive Cardiac Care Unit to take care of heart patients in critical condition.

Neuro ICU

Brain attack is as dangerous as heart attack. Here, the blood flow to the brain stops due to haemorrhage or blockage. This causes symptoms like severe headache, seizures, paralysis and fainting. Every minute without treatment causes the loss of up to 12 million brain cells. Our specially dedicated Neuro ICU, the first of its kind in the region, has the best in class neuro-imaging equipments, backed by neurologists, neuro-intensivits and neuro rehabilitation experts to take care of the patient.

Paediatric ICU


•     As compared to adults, children need a different ICU due to the difference in temperament, physiology and disease patterns.

•     Our 4 bedded Paediatric ICU (PICU) contains well equipped rooms with multipara ventilator and monitors to closely

      and continuously monitor the children.

•     The PICU looks playful so that the ill child feels fresh and lively - it resembles a room with children's play area

      and has a large collection of child-safe toys, which the children use in their recovery phase.

•     All the nurses in the department have been chosen for their excellent nursing skills, as well as the love

      and respect they have towards children.


Neonatal ICU


•     Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) caters to the needs of very sick neonatal as well as premature babies.

•     We have 2 neonatal warmer and 1 ventilators to take care of neonates who are in respiratory failure.

•     We also have a facility of neonatal transport incubator.

•     We prepare total parenteral nutrition under laminar flow for patients who cannot be fed externally.


Beyond the obvious

•     Our best in class ICU beds have a Remote monitoring, installed for the first time in India by GE Healthcare. 

•     It enables our ICU doctors to monitor the patient even from their homes.