Patients And Visitors

Guidelines for Visitors

·          Smoking/Tobacco is prohibited in the hospital premises.

·          Should maintain silence in the premises.

·          Should follow strict visiting hours.

·          Should carry the pass issued at the time of admission during the visiting hours.

·          Food consuming should be done only in the cafeteria, food is not allowed on floors.

·          Mobile phone is not allowed in the ICU and OT.

·          Should strictly follow the rules and regulations of the hospital for the visitors.

·          Taking shower is not allowed in the relative area rest rooms.

·          Children below 7 years are not allowed above 1st floor.

·          Visitors above 7 years are allowed in all departments.

·          Only one visitor may visit at time in ICU's.

·          Visitors are requested not to carry any flowers or gifts.

·          Patients and visitors are requested not to carry the items mentioned below to the hospital.

» Ornaments and Valuables

» Eatables

» Clothing / bedding

» Toiletries

» Medicines