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We are what we think. Sometimes medical, emotional or traumatic situations can affect or disrupt our normal thought processes. This can be a great source of discomfort for patients as well as their loved ones.


At RR Hospital & Research Centre, we have a team of psychiatrists who can address these issues and work towards bringing the patient back to normalcy.


Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialise in mental health. These specialists use a combined knowledge of neuroscience, psychology*, medicine, biology, biochemistry, and pharmacology to treat a patient.


They can counsel patients, prescribe medication, order laboratory tests, order neuroimaging, and conduct physical examinations.



While psychiatry is the medical treatment of the mind, psychology is about improving how we deal and adapt to the problems in and around our lives. Psychologists do not do not 8prescribe drugs; instead they work using counselling and psychotherapy.


Scope of Psychiatric Care



Bipolar disorder


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Attention-deficit disorder.

Autism spectrum disorders.

Behavioral disorders.

Personality disorders.

Dr. Pooja Singh
Dr. Vijay Chinchole