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Sometimes, accidents, injuries, diseases or congenital defects can leave behind scars, disfigurement, or wounds that cause a lot of emotional stress. This is where plastic surgery comes to the rescue. It helps the patients regain their self-confidence and face the world with a more positive outlook. Our team of plastic surgeons can make this happen.

Cancer Surgery

Cancers of the mouth, the eye, the skin and the breast usually leave the body disfigured. Plastic surgeons can use skin grafting, prosthesis or other procedures to help the patient look better.

Skin Grafting

This is a procedure where skin from one part of the body is grafted to another part of the body that has lost or has disfigured its skin. Usually the skin from back, thigh or hips is used as graft on regions like face, head or neck.

Wound Closure

Sometimes a wound is so large that the body is unable to repair it quickly. The open wound is susceptible to infections and further degeneration if left untreated. In such cases, plastic surgery is performed to close the wounds.


When a part of the body has to be amputated (cut off) due to cancer, accident, gangrene or any other reason, plastic surgery is used to treat the amputation areas. 

Dr. Hemant Patil