Department and Services


We have a robust radiology department that has the best in class imaging technologies and doctors to diagnose or identify diseases. Our facilities are open 24x7.





Color Doppler

CT Scan

MRI 1.5 T 16 C




We do not carry out sex determination tests here Beyond the Obvious.

Departments & Services


Anesthesia is one of the most important branches of all surgeries. It is up to the skills and expertise of the anaesthesiologist to keep the pain away from the patients during and after the operation. This calls for a combination of medicines (for local and general anaesthesia), equipments to deliver them into the patient's body, and accurate monitoring devices to keep track and adjust the dosages as per the patient's conditions.


At RR Hospital & Research Centre, our Anaesthesiology Department is fully equipped with equipments and trained anaesthesiologists to provide anaesthesia for all kinds of common and complex surgeries including all supra major surgeries, cardiothoracic surgeries, etc.



High tech anaesthesia machines.

Multi para monitors which provide invasive monitoring.

Noninvasive Monitoring - BIS, Temperature monitoring, NMJ monitoring.

Warming Devices

» Body Warmer

» Warming Mattress

Peripheral nerve locator with mapper for regional anaesthesia.

Fiber optic intubating laryngoscope.

True View Laryngoscope

Gadgets for managing difficult airway including FOB, Intubating LMA.

Well equipped to manage Paediatric cases.

Epidural pumps and PCA pumps.


Anaesthesia services are provided round the clock at all these locations at the hospital, as and when the need arises.

Operations theatres

Cath-Lab - CAG, Complete Congioplasty, Aneurysm coiling, Pace Maker Implantation, Radio-frequency ablation for Arrythmias.

Endoscopy / MRI / CT Scan sections.

Neuro radiology and intervention in Cath lab.


IVF Clininc

Special Services

Preoperative Evaluation Clinic: All the surgical patients are screened on OPD basis prior to surgery. This aids to reduce their hospital stay as they are optimized prior to surgery. During preoperative evaluation, the anaesthesiologist instructs the patient about plan of anaesthesia, NBM (Nothing By Mouth) status before surgery, interventional procedures to be done by anaesthesiologist during preoperative period and instructions on how the anaesthesia team is going to take care of postoperative pain.

Postoperative care: The patients are monitored postoperatively in a fully equipped Recovery room.

Acute and Chronic Pain Management: The postoperative pain is taken care by the use of regional anaesthesia techniques, use of epidural and PCA pumps.

Academics: Conducting lectures on CPCR as a part of Hospital Induction Programme, as well as regular.